Welcome to 'Shieldfield: Borders and Boundaries'

This site presents the research of a final year undergraduate of History of Modern Art, Design, and Film at Northumbria University for the module 'Northern Visual Culture'.

The research makes up a small part of a class effort to contribute to the wider community engagement project between the School of Arts and Social Sciences and Shieldfield residents. As a class we have each used visual sources as a starting point to explore an element of Shieldfield's history in order to understand and document how and why the area has changed over time.

On the left hand side are links to the 'Engage' exhibition by a collaboration of fine art students and members of the Shieldfield community, links to online resources used in the research, and an interactive map of Shieldfield which is available on every page to aid understanding of the research for people unfamiliar with the area. The video below will also aid familiarity with the area under observation.

The introduction discusses how this research contributes to the wider project as well as introducing some initial questions and issues. Topographic boundaries explore the oldest and most natural borders, those of the land. Old boundaries explores some of the first man-made boundaries in Shieldfield after it became part of Newcastle. New boundaries explores the newer man made boundaries such as road and rail. Dissolving boundaries explores the impact of the University on the shape of Shieldfield.

Thoughts and ideas are invited on the comments page, please feel free to contribute.
Stefanie Allum.
Video by Jack Pierce and Stu Grey.